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If one truly finds
the world in a grain of sand
then universes
resound with every load
my truck adds to my castle.

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Tiny steam roller
so very effective at
flattening my roads --
I wonder how well you'd work
at rolling out my pie dough?

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With my steam shovel
I excavate basements
for the whole city.
And when barbarians come
it works as a catapult!

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This beautiful day
the city streets are empty.
They've gone to the beach
where the horde of tiny trucks
builds fantastic sand castles.
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It's opening night,
The dignitaries arrive
In their gleaming cars.
Of course, in my sandbox town
They are all yellow dump trucks.

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Puddles like oceans
Devour sandy skyscrapers
As April rains fall.
Come afternoon sun shining
They will rise beneath rainbows!

ETA: Ok, I know no rewrites, I know, but the fourth line is making my teeth ache.

A slightly different final couplet )

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Like metal ducklings,
tiny trucks follow large ones
down sandbox highways.
Do they see the Interstate
and dream of rolling down it?

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Gleaming wheels spinning,
Churning sand furiously,
The motorcycle
Hurtles across the abyss
Carved just now by my shovel.

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(This one doesn't actually count, since I wrote it this morning, but it's inspired on yesterday's 250 mile drive home from Redding)

Parade of box vans
Sporting varied liveries
Speed along the road.
Vultures atop the billboards
Ponder morsels zooming by.

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One scoop at a time
The aerial sand loader
Loads up the dump truck.
Just how many bucketfuls
Are in my backyard sandbox?

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Green plastic soldiers
Man miniature weapons
defending the town,
never suspecting the true
threat is the city's builder.

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Purple dune buggy
Zooming across the sandbox
Bounds into the air
Except where the big grader
Has made things flat and boring.

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Silhouetted black
against the dwindling daylight
the crane forlornly
surveys the ruined city.
Tomorrow we build again.
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The tanker trundles
slowly across my city.
Once at the depot
shall we fill with lemonade
or cherry Kool-Aid today?
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Brightly colored planes
race to reach the runway first.
Air traffic control
is no match for determined
imaginary pilots!
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The Rocket Space Car
zooms through the streets of my town.
Is it aliens
or perhaps time travelers?
I have not decided yet.
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Rotating slowly,
the tiny drum makes concrete
to pour foundations.
If I push the truck faster
will my city grow taller?
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The green and yellow
tractor excavates furrows
in our garden loam.
I gently plant tiny seeds
and feel like a real farmer.

missed yesterday, bother.
This one is inspired by an antique toy that belongs to my husband Andy and memories of planting carrots with my Dad.

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